Robert Downy Jr | From a drug addict to most paid actor

“Look, even bad years are pretty good years, I think.” 

-Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr. became famous as Iron Man after playing Tony Stark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but he did not achieve such success in a day or overnight, he struggled as much as he did. After so much trouble and struggle he Put himself on the right track. So let’s know today about a person who, facing a lot of difficulties, completely changed himself and earned his name in the whole world.

Robert Downey Jr.’s full name is Robert John Downey Jr. he was born on 04 April 1965 in New York. His parents were from the film industry. His Father was a filmmaker and his mother was an actress and this was the reason why he has been acting since the age of 5.
His first film was the 1970s The Pound which was directed by his father. And just as his father taught him about acting, he also taught him to take drugs at a very young age. RDJ’s father used to use drugs. And he started giving drugs to his son at the age of 6, although RDJ’s father has recently responded that they didn’t know what they were doing at the time. And giving drugs to RDJ was the biggest mistake of his life.

He later did small roles in his father’s films as a small child and did a few films with some other directors, those roles that neither gained him much recognition nor popularity. Here was the 1987 film Less Than Zero in which RDJ played a drug addict. And there was a very good response for that role. Everyone was praising his actions and because of this film, he started getting offers from big Hollywood films. You’d think his performance sounded like a real drug addict. But he did not know that RDJ had done his entire performance under the influence of drugs.

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After this, he did many more films but success came with Charlie Chaplin in 1992 where he played the role of Charlie Chaplin, this film did not earn so much but his acting was well-liked. And for this, he was nominated for the role of Best Actor at the Academy Award i.e. Oscar Award, but since then the worst time of his life began, he had to go to jail several times due to drug and alcohol abuse. In 1996 he was arrested for illegal drugs and possession of unlicensed guns, then in 1997, he was jailed for 6 months for drugs. It was not that he was not trying to go, he had gone to the rehabilitation center several times but was coming back unsuccessfully each time. He was getting frustrated with rehab in 1999 and missed a drug test, for which he was arrested again and jailed for a year. In the prison, he did many minor works like other prisoners. washing dishes, cleaning the bathroom or mopping.

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He was attacked many times in jail, but every time he somehow escaped after coming back from jail after a year. It seemed to the whole world that a new RDJ had arrived who had left his drug and alcohol addiction behind. After this, he got the offer of a TV show Ally McBeal and his acting became more liked, he also started getting success. It seemed that now RDJ is back completely after getting rid of all the addiction. But nothing lasts for long. In 2001, RDJ was found barefoot in torn clothes on a city street. He started taking drugs again. After this, he was arrested again and fired from that TV show as well. When he came out of prison in 2003, he met Susan Levy, who learned it could change his life. All he has to do is take the right decision and that too honestly, Susan has clearly told RDJ that she will be with him when he gives up drugs and alcohol completely.

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After many years of taking drugs and alcohol, this time RDJ was determined that would change his life, after that he did one thing first and threw all the drugs out of his house into the sea. The last scene of his film Iron Man was related to this real-life event. He then turned to an ideal good lifestyle and started doing meditation and yoga every day, also he learned martial arts to give a meaningful form to his life. And RDJ got a new birth, he said in an interview that 20 years of his life have been wasted in drug and alcohol addiction and he doesn’t even remember many years. Getting rid of all this, he married Suzanne in 2005 and married Iron Man a few years later.
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After which everything became history, RDJ also said that he took the role of Iron Man only because the story of the film was of a man who was an alcoholic. And on top of all this, he came with her and changed the lives of many more people. He was able to connect more with such characters. That is, the difficulties that Tony Stark’s character has faced in the film, the same difficulties were faced by RDJ in real life. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why he introduced the character of Iron Man.

So this is the story about our favorite character Tony Stark aka Iron man, do let me know how you admire Robert Doney Jr. Thanks for reading.

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