How Hotel Taj Started | Revenge Story That Inspired Jamsetji Tata To Build Iconic Taj Hotels

Taj Hotel which is in Mumbai is an old and luxury hotel. Today we are going to talk About Hotel Taj, from where Taj started and where did the idea of ​​the Taj come from?

In 1890 May, Famous businessman Jamsetji Tata was in Mumbai and got invention in a five-star hotel. When Tata Sir wanted to enter the hotel to have dinner with one of his foreign friends, the English hotel manager asked Tata Sir to stop, as they say, no Indians allowed. Tata, who always thinks only for his country, decided that he would have to answer for what they did, he thought that this insult was not only for me but for the whole country.

Taj Mahal Hotel made it the best hotel in Mumbai, it’s a very nice building along the waterfront with full facilities of the tire. Let’s see the price of the hotel, Tata’s friends and business partners discouraged, to stop this hotel project, because it was very expensive
But Tata sir said, it was a matter of nationalism, the hotel was opened in 1903, which was wonderful for everyone, it was the first hotel in India, which was opened by Americans, It was difficult to run the hotel because it was taking a lot of money, but anyhow the Tata group manage it, and since then the wealth, fame and popularity of Hotel have remained, so to be seen then the nationality of the British does not matter, Lord Mountbatten gave his farewell speech after 45 years in the Grand Ballroom in May 1948. At last, Tata fulfilled its dream of becoming a world-class hotel, which is a matter of pride for the whole of India.

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So, this is also a revenge story from Britishers, If you like this article do share it with your friends, Thanks for reading.