Samsung Success Story | How Big is Samsung

On hearing the name “Samsung”, only mobile, TV, and electronic products would come to your mind. But did you know that Samsung has also helped build the world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa? Not only this, but Samsung also manufactures water boats and battle tanks. Let us tell you who is the founder of Samsung and how he started such a big company

There are many times more people working at Samsung than those working at Google, Apple, and Microsoft. The revenue of this company will be about 17% of the GDP of South Korea. This means that if Samsung goes into loss, South Korea’s economy could falter.
Samsung was founded by Lee Byung Chal. Lee was born on 9 January 1942. He did his graduation, an MBA in economics. Lee is survived by his wife Raw Hee Hong, elder daughter Lee Bon Jin (President, of hotel chain Shill and CEO of theme park Samsung Everland), and younger daughter Lee Seo-hun (Vice President of Chill Industries).

This company was founded in 1938, Samsung is a South Korean company. In which only 40 people worked. At that time Samsung was engaged in the business of dried fish, groceries, and noodles. Samsung then moved into its insurance, security, and retail sectors.
Apple’s Steve Jobs was a celebrity at the time, but his biggest rival, Samsung Chairman and CEO Lee Kun were less known. He was always low-profile. In 1969, Samsung also forayed into the business of electronic products. The company’s first product was the Black and White TV. This TV was launched by the company in 1970. After this Samsung started making all electric products like fridges, AC, and microwaves.

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In 1983, the company forayed into telecommunications and produced the first built-in car phone, which was a flop. The special thing was that the phones in which deficiencies were seen were burnt in front of the employees so that they felt that any deficiency in any product would not be tolerated. After this Samsung brought CDMA service and Samsung’s mobile was knocked in India. After this, the Samsung company took off and made a special place in the mobile phone market. Today Samsung is the second largest IT company in the world, employing more than 3 lakh people. The market value of Samsung is around Rs 2.23 lakh crore.

So Friends this was a brief story of Samsung Company, I hope you like this article, thanks for reading.