Struggle to Success Story of Cristiano Ronaldo | Biography

The famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is a role model for all football lovers around the world. Cristiano Ronaldo’s name is very famous in the list of popular players around the world. He is always in the news because of his game and his wonderful personality. Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has gained a lot of popularity with his extraordinary game which has earned Cristiano Ronaldo recognition as the richest footballer.

It would not be wrong to say that behind his success is his struggle which makes him one of the greatest players in the world. Just as he rules the hearts of football lovers across the world with his game, similarly his story of becoming a footballer is also a source of inspiration for today’s youth.

Today we will tell you about the problems faced in his life through this success story of Cristiano Ronaldo. And also through the story of Ronaldo. How Cristiano Ronaldo learned from the struggle of his life and made himself capable that today he is on the list of the richest footballer in the world. Not only Ronaldo’s game, but his life story is also a lesson for all of us.

Early Life of Cristiano Ronaldo:

Cristiano Ronaldo was born on 5 February 1985 in a very poor family in Portugal. His father was a gardener in the municipality and his mother worked in people’s homes. Cristiano Ronaldo was the youngest of a brother and two sisters. He lived with his family in a house with a tin roof.

Education of Cristiano Ronaldo

Born in a simple family, Cristiano Ronaldo did not receive any kind of education. Ronaldo was very fond of playing football since childhood. Because of this he used to spend more time on sports than studies and spent more time in the field than in school. It is said that when he was 14 years old, he threw a chair at his school teacher due to which he was expelled from the school. And from that time he stopped going to school and his mother fully supported him in this decision.

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It is said that whatever happens, happens for the good. If he had remained engaged in his studies and left football, he might not have become such a big player today. Perhaps fate had something else in store for him.

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The career of Cristiano Ronaldo

In a way, his career started at the age of just 8. When he was selected by the Andorran Football Club because of his great performance in football. At the age of just 10, Cristiano Ronaldo started performing so well in football that he got an entry into Portugal’s biggest football club. The club to enter is just a dream for many. Seeing Ronaldo’s game, he got a place in the World Under-17.

Only after this, he was also included in the national team of Portugal. At the age of just 18, Ronaldo was selected for the International Football Team. In the year 2003, Manchester club included Ronaldo in his club for 102 crores. He was associated with this club for 6 years and scored 84 goals in 6 years. After this, in 2009, the Spanish Football Club joined its club by giving 850 crores.

Facts about Cristiano Ronaldo

1- Ronaldo is named after US President Ronald Reagan because Ronaldo’s father was a big fan of Ronald Reagan.

2- Ronaldo was suffering from racing heart disease in his childhood. Ronaldo came to know about this disease when he was 14 years old. Due to this disease, it was impossible for Ronaldo to play football. Because in this disease the heart beats very fast and excessive jumping can be fatal. But Ronaldo did not give up and went to play instead of resting after surgery.

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3- Ronaldo stays away from alcohol, cigarette, or any kind of intoxication, because of this intoxication, Ronaldo’s father died at the age of 52.

4- Ronaldo has a record of scoring more than 50 goals in every season for 6 consecutive years.
5- Ronaldo has scored 127 goals on his head which is a record in itself.

Ronaldo, who suffered poverty from the beginning without any good education, has achieved his position on the strength of his talent, hard work, and dedication, all this makes one thing clear if one is determined then one can achieve anything in life.

The person who has faith in his skill, his talent, embraces success in some form or the other. Ronaldo devoted most of his time to enhancing his football skills and practiced that thing since his childhood. So that he can make himself a better player in football.

We can also improve our skills on the basis of practice. Only through practice, we can improve our skills. That is why it is said that “practice makes a man perfect”. So always focus on your skills. make them better Work hard in your work and yes the most important is Never to Give Up.