How Bluetooth Started? How Bluetooth Got Its Name

Friends, in today’s era of technology, everything is important, Bluetooth is one of the Important Technology inventions which still cannot be replaced, Bluetooth has made our life very easy, It is used for speakers, headphones, earphones, calling, mobile to mobile data transfer, PC data transfer, and to control many things, In today’s article, I am going to tell you about Bluetooth only. Let’s start

We all are aware of the name Bluetooth. It’s synonymous with wireless technology, and we tend to take for granted how much it affects our lives. From smartphones to headphones and beyond, we rely on Bluetooth to free us from the shackles of wired technology.

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The man behind Bluetooth and why it was named Bluetooth

No matter how advanced the technology is, its name does not sound like a technical expert. It is not an acronym and does not stand for anything. So what does it mean?

Surprisingly, the name was King Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson who was famous for two things for over a millennium One is Unites Denmark and Norway in 1958. His dead teeth, which were dark blue/gray in color, earned him the nickname Bluetooth. this was code for collaboration.

In 1996, three industry leaders, Intel, Ericsson, and Nokia, set out to standardize this short-range radio technology for connectivity and collaboration between different products and industries. Jaap C. Haartsen started Bluetooth technology services in 1994.

During this meeting, Intel’s Jim Kardach suggested Bluetooth as a temporary code name. Kardach was later quoted as saying, “King Harald Bluetooth, was famously intended to unite Scandinavia, just as we intended to unite the PC and cellular industries with short-range wireless links”.

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Only one in the whole Market (Bluetooth)

Bluetooth name was temporarily in the market until something really cool come and replace it with another technology type of name. Later, when it came time to choose a name to replace Bluetooth, Bluetooth had to be replaced by Radiowire or PAN (Personal Area Networking). PAN was the frontrunner, but it already had tens of thousands of hits on the Internet. so it was decided not to change its name.

But a full trademark search on RadioWire could not be completed at the time of launch, leaving Bluetooth as the only option. The name quickly caught on and spread throughout the industry, becoming synonymous with short-range wireless technology before it could be changed.

‘initial’ Bluetooth logo

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The Bluetooth logo is a bind rune combining the small future runes (Hagel) (ᚼ) and (Bjarken) (ᛒ), Harald’s initials.

So friends this is how Bluetooth was started. I hope you like this article, thanks for reading it.