Jack Dorsey Story Co-founder and CEO of Twitter

Jack Dorsey was born in 1976 in St. Louis (Missouri, USA). He is very inquisitive and quiet since childhood, he was a simple American disciplined boy. He was on the tennis team as a child and enjoyed drawing, making art, and working on computers. At the age of 13, he became interested in dispatch routing. He built software for taxi cab companies, which worked. He said – “I was playing how the city works, so I could see it”. However, he learned so much while playing the game that he later founded a worldwide company.

Some people say that the idea of ​​Twitter came from listening to taxi drivers. Taxi drivers used to talk to each other and used to do small things – where are you now, where are you going, etc. Early in his career, he joined Dispatch Management Services Corp. While working there, he hacked the security system of the company’s website and mailed the company’s manager asking how to fix the flaw.

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After this, the company hired him in the information systems team. Here he learned about SMS in detail which later changed his life. Over the next few years, he built software for taxis and ambulance cars, but lost his job after the dot-com bubble of 2000, and worked as a freelancer for the next five years. Dorsey later joined Odeo, a company specializing in Internet startups.

One day Jack told his company’s team about the SMS service while eating Mexican fast food in the playground and said that we make an SMS service for our company, using which employees will be able to share messages online. It took Jack and his friend two weeks to build it, and Twitter was ready for the company’s internal use.

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Twitter was a new idea, but it didn’t set up a new company. Audio owner Evan Williams also joined Jack Dorsey. Both started working together. What Jack has to say about why Twitter was named that – We were shown the word Twitter and it was perfect. Twitter literally means short communication of unimportant information and the chirping of birds. And this product was exactly that.

Twitter started in March 2006. Jack Dorsey wrote from his account “Just setting up my Twitter”. Initially, this facility was limited to the employees of the audio company. The first public version was launched in July that year.

Initially, its name was not Twitter. At that time it was a part of the audio company itself. In October 2006, Dorsey and some members of Odio formed Obvious Corporation to purchase all of Odio’s assets, including Odio.com and Twitter.com. In April 2007, Jack, Noah Glass, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone founded Twitter Inc. Its headquarter is in San Francisco.

Sure, the company became very popular in a short amount of time, but with everything new, there is an initial struggle. The biggest challenge is to make something new popular. Initially, the growth rate of Twitter was very slow. In just three months of 2007, only 4 lakh tweets were sent. The turning point in the company’s popularity came in 2007 when the South by Southwest Interactive Conference took place. Twitter employees had set up two 60-inch plasma screens in the hallways of the conference, which streamed Twitter messages continuously. Hundreds of people who attended the conference stayed connected with each other by tweeting continuously. Everyone was so impressed with Twitter that the conference moderator commented – We want to thank you in 140 characters or less and we did just that.

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Popularizing the company was not just a problem, there were also many internal problems. Twitter was not a new company but was created by restructuring the audio company. As Dorsey rose above the rest of the staff after becoming CEO, the morale of the rest of the staff plummeted. This hurt the ambitions of the co-founders. Even when Twitter became famous the problems kept coming, they just changed their form.

Twitter’s traffic was increasing at a quadruple speed day and night. It became difficult to handle him. Servers were crashing every day. The ship was not sinking but was running badly. The turning point in the company’s development came when Union Square Ventures invested $5 million in it. Till then Jack was doing it as a hobby, but it was only after the investment that he became serious about its commercial potential. Dorsey himself has said – “I took off my nose ring when the financing happened for the first time”.

Initially, the goal of Twitter was not to earn money but to increase the number of members. Twitter’s slogan was – development first, income later. As of 2011, investors had invested over $57 million in Twitter.

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