Why Recharge Plans are for 28/24/21 Days

You all think that month should be of 30 or 31 days but this calendar is observed by mobile companies who have made 28 days even if you recharge plans 28 days 56 days 84 days you will get February Without getting 2-3 days less every month, so let’s do maths, which is everyone’s favorite subject, mine too.

You will be left with 29 days at the end of the year. If you are managing monthly mobile expenses, you will get 13 You will have to recharge 13 times instead of 12 for the month. 2 more days will be added in every month 30-28 = 2

i.e. 12*2= 24

7 months i.e. May, July, August, October, December, January, March have 31 days i.e. 5 days and 24+5=29

So the telecom operator will give 28 days validity, which is a marketing strategy of the company, the company wants to take something extra from you without informing you.

When a telecom operator started this for the first time, other telecom operators also understood this concept and made 28 days free, whether it is a data pack or voice pack.

I am of the opinion that if you can, then take an annual plan, that is, plan for the whole year, it will be cheaper.

So friends, what is your opinion about this, do tell me in the comment, and Thanks for reading this article.

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