Kent RO System Success Story

In childhood, all of us must have read a line in the essay book, Necessity is the mother of invention. This is the story behind the success of clean water company Kent RO Systems. Where did the idea behind the founder of this company to open the company and bring this machine to the world come from, we are telling you in detail in this article.

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Story of Kent RO

The year 1998 proved to be an unlucky year for the company’s founder Mahesh Gupta. In the same year, two of Mahesh’s children fell ill and died. He was deeply shocked by the death of the children. After the death of the children, they started to understand the importance of water purifiers, but at that time they were not satisfied with the quality of water purifiers available in the market.

Meanwhile, the idea of ‚Äč‚ÄčKent RO came to his mind. Engineer by profession, Gupta made his idea successful on the strength of his hard work. Gupta, a graduate of IIT Kanpur, says that all the water purifiers available in the market at that time worked on ultraviolet technology. This technique was not able to clean the dirt dissolved in the water. He started reverse osmosis. Gupta was well aware that the root cause of most of the diseases occurring in India is the unavailability of clean drinking water. That is, he sensed this possibility in the market in time.

Starting of Kent RO

Started business with only 5 lakh rupees Mahesh started his business with just 5 lakh rupees. Due to a lack of space and money, he initially started the company from a small garage. In the starting year, his company could sell only 100 purifiers. At that time its price was Rs 20,000, while purifiers from other companies were being sold for around Rs 5,000. But it is said that it does not take long to change the time. In the year 2016-17, the turnover of the company reached the level of Rs.850 crores. In the year 2017-18, the same turnover crossed the figure of Rs 950 crore. The company expects its turnover to cross the Rs 1000 crore mark in the next years.

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