Real Story Behind the Shinchan

A 5-year-old kid whom you must know. You must have remembered Shinchan after reading this line. Which must have made you laugh a lot in your childhood and maybe even today you watch Shinchan sometimes. But what do you know? How Shinchan started and who is its author? Either the story of Shinchan is real or it is just a fictional character. So let’s know the real story of Shinchan.

Shinchan debuted as a manga comic in 1990. The credit for this goes to Yoshito Usui. Yoshito Usui was the man who took Shinchan out of his imagination and made him famous all over the world. After increasing popularity, its telecast was also started in 1992 on TV.

After this, Shinchan did not look back and made a different identity in the whole world. But in 2009, Yoshito Usui died after falling off a mountain while hiking. Due to this, the decision was taken to close Shinchan. But after some time Yoshito Usui’s team thought of restarting Shinchan. And Shinchan is back again with a new name. And now its name has been changed from Crayon Shinchan (クレクドんしんちん) to New Crayon Shinchan (ク新クヨんしんちん). Since then Shinchan’s journey continues unabated even today.

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You will find many such videos on social media which say that Shinchan is based on a true incident. So this is the story that went viral. One day Shinchan’s mother reaches a shopping center for shopping. When Misai got busy with shopping, she put Shinchan in charge of taking care of her sister. Meanwhile, both siblings went to the toy section. Shinchan is so lost in the world of toys that his sister Himawari has disappeared from his sight.

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After some time when Shinchan saw Himawari, he found that Himawari was not there. She had fainted and was crossing the road alone. High-speed vehicles were coming on the road. Shinchan immediately ran to save Himawari, when suddenly a speeding car came on the road, and before Shinchan and Himawari could understand anything, a big accident happened. Both left the world at the same time.

This incident had a tremendous impact on Shinchan’s mother Misai. She started feeling sad remembering her children. She used to write diaries and make paintings of her children every day in memory of them. What would you have done if you were alive? The story was told on the premise that Shinchan was a real character. And his story is based on this. But this is absolutely false. Shinchan is neither a real character nor is this the last episode.

Please tell me, Shinchan is completely a fictional character. Which was composed by Yoshito Usui because Yoshito Usui had many things that he wanted to do in his childhood but could not do. Which he showed in his series through Shinchan. Now there is also a question that why the word crayon came before Shinchan? This is because Shinchan is a 5-year-old character who is in Kindergarten. And kindergarten kids love crayons.

If you are a fan of Shinchan. So I don’t need to tell you the names of their characters. Shinchan lives with his family in the city of Kasukabe. The Nohara family was declared permanent residents of Kasukabe City in 2005. This has been done to promote tourism. Today, if you go to Kasukabe city, you will definitely see Shinchan everywhere.

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So, Friends, this is the story of Shinchan, I hope you like this article. Thanks for reading it.