Success Story of Book My Show Founder Ashish Hemrajani

Hello friends, in this series of Real Life Inspirational Success Stories, we are going to tell you the real-life motivational success story of Ashish Hemrajani, Founder of the BookMyShow, which is the true story of a man who, with his hard work and dedication, made BookMyShow in India today. Online movie ticket booking has become the most famous and popular website. Let’s know the full story of the success story of Book My Show founder Ashish Hemrajani in detail.

The success story of Ashish Hemrajani

Ashish Hemrajani was born in July 1975. After completing his MBA from Sydenham Institute of Management, Mumbai University in 1997, he worked for J Walter Advertising Company for 2 years.
Startup Story of Big Tree Entertainment Pvt Ltd by Ashish Hemrajani
Once Ashish Hemrajani had to go to South Africa in connection with his work. One day during his visit, he was a little tired while resting under a tree listening to the radio with the speaker broadcasting tickets to a rugby game. At the same time, he got the idea to do something like this himself. What was then, this 24-year-old young man began scouring the websites of international ticket companies such as Fandango and Ticketmaster in South Africa to make his idea a reality.

For the next few days, he was stuck in the same mess and by the end of the journey, he decided to start his own company. He then quit his job and in 1999 with the help of half a million dollar investment from Chase Capital, Big Tree Entertainment Pvt Ltd. Ltd. was started and established.

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Story of Ashish Hemrajani’s struggle

Big Tree Entertainment Pvt Ltd was started by Ashish Hemrajani, the founder of BookMyShow, but the challenges before him were more. The first challenge is the lack of technological facilities in India. There was a time in the year 1999 when the computer era was starting in India, internet facility was almost non-existent. People had neither credit card facilities nor net banking.

The second challenge was the availability of e-ticketing software in cinemas and single screens in the country, which had little or no access to it, so Ashish Hemrajani had to first spend money from his pocket to buy a huge amount of tickets from cinema halls and then pass it on to the customers. was to be made available. Yet he was somehow taking this company forward.

After this, in the year 2002, the bubble of dot com burst, which Ashish Hemrajani’s company badly shaken and at the time it came that the number of employees of the company reached 150 to 6 and the company was in danger of closure. Even after all this, Ashish Hemrajani did not give up and kept standing in the field.

Ashish Hemrajani finally joined Big Tree Entertainment Pvt Ltd after facing all odds. Ltd. was revived under the name BookMyShow in which Network 18 had invested. By that time, after the tsunami of dot com in India, the market started to change completely and services like internet services, credit cards, and debit cards started growing and the infrastructure also started growing. Apart from this, multiplexes also started opening in large numbers in the country. In such a situation, people are now booking more movie tickets online while sitting at home. Along with this, the company has also started online booking of tickets for cloud-based events, sports, play, etc.
Today BookMyShow is India’s largest entertainment ticketing website. Today the company also has its app, which is used by millions of users in the country. Today the company has captured more than 90% of the online entertainment ticketing business in the country. Today about 60 percent of the company’s revenue comes from online ticket booking and the rest from advertising and promotions. Today this company is providing its services in 4 more countries of the world besides India. Today this company has joined the valuation club of 1000 crores, in which the company has so far received an investment of $ 124.5 million from 4 investors in about 3 rounds.

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Bookmyshow founder Ashish hemrajani’s success story in Hindi

In today’s time, the BookMyShow website Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. is Owned by the company, full credit goes to Ashish Hemrajani, who worked day and night with utmost hard work, dedication, and vision to make this company where it is today and take the company to these heights of growth.

I hope you liked our book My Show Founder Ashish Hemrajani Real Life Motivational Success Story and inspired you. Thanks for Reading.