5 companies started by Peyush bansal

Peyush Bansal is currently the CEO of Lenskart. Before starting Lenskart he started many companies, I’ll tell you about the list today.

  1. searchmycampus.com: Searchmycampus.com was started in a basement. It was created to solve the common problems of the students. Like Jobs, Housing, Coaching Books, Transportation, and much more.
  2. Flyer: The Flyer was launched in 2009. The idea was exactly like Lenskart. But let us target the market. Also introduced unknown value technology and then replaced it with flyers.
  3. Watchkart: Like Lenskart, in 2011 watchkart was launched, watchkart had a range of branded watch sales, and many brands such as Emporio Armani Tommy Hilfiger fossils, and others brands.
  4. Jewelskart: Like Lenskart Watchkart and Bagskart is Already in the market Piyush Bansal created another brand Jewelskart, where different types of jewelry were sold.
  5. Bagskart: Bagskirt was launched in 2011, it was launched under Value, You will find different types of handbags in Bagskart.
5 companies started by Peyush bansal before and with lenskart in Hindi

So, friends as you go, Piyush Bansal is very much in love with technology, recently who is also a judge and investor in Shark Tank India.

So friends this is all about startups by Mr. Peyush Bansal, I hope you find something interesting in this article.

Thanks for Reading this article.

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