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There are many questions and myths in everyone's mind about the Apple company and its founders. Steve Jobs and the other 3 founders didn't take the company's name from technology and computer-related words. While it took them a long time to name the company. And many people also suggested that the name of the company should be from the technical words.
It was 1976 when 3 smart guys Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne started a startup that needed a name. Everybody started suggesting names like Matrix Electronics and lots of names that sounds technical. But Steve Jobs already had Apple computer in his mind. So the deadline for registering the company was approaching. So he thought that if we get a name before 5 pm in the evening, then it is okay otherwise the Apple computer name will be finalized.
So let's see where the idea of ​​the name of Apple Computer came from.
He wanted a name that would remain in everyone's mind. There are many myths and theories, but today we will see that why apple got this name.

The first myth is that Steve Jobs likes apples:
According to Walter Isaacson's biography, Steve Jobs revealed that Kia's apples were a part of Steve's diet, once at the apple farm he found it fun to pronounce the name of the apple there spiritually.
And according to the book by Steve wozniak who writes: Who once went to pick up Steve Jobs from the airport they were going on Highway 85. Steve Jobs is coming back from a farm called the apple orchard. It was a community of sorts. The time Steve Jobs suggested the name Apple Computer.
- Alan Turing Theory: 
If you look at the theory, the Apple logo is inspired by a man named Alan Turing who was killed by taking a bite of an apple. which was poisonous. Job wanted to honor Turing, but that was not Apple's intention.
Famous logo creator Rob Janoff was told that the cut of an apple so that it looks like an apple and not any other fruit like cherries or something else.
- Because of the phone book:
When apple was founded in 1976, we were told at the time that the name which is in front of the phonebook, and the customers see more. Another company like Apple
Atari where Steve worked.

Secret Behind Apple's Name

There seems to be some truth in this. Jobs said in a presentation in 1980 that he named those apples because one he likes apples and the other comes before Atari in the phonebook. And those who work in the attic.

Because the apple helped Newton discover gravity:
Who represents the apple? who told Isaac Newton about gravity when the apple fell on his head. If you knew the original Apple logo was Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. This logo was designed by Steve Jobs., but  it was quickly replaced with the colorful Apple logo with a bite on it.
This is the connection between Steve Job's apple and Newton. There is also a quote from a poem by William Wordsworth
Newton…. A mind forever alone traveling through a sea of ​​thought
- Adam and Eve?
The apple theory may be related to the Garden of Eden
The bite of a forbidden fruit became a knowledge to Adam and Eve. Similarly, computer is also such a thing of knowledge Like a forbidden fruit, computer is also a tree of knowledge.
- With the help of friends
Steve Jobs Big Fan was a band of jokes from the Beatles. The name of his organization was also Apple Corps.
Instead of taking the name idea from the Luckie Beatles, if we ditch the story of Steve Wozniak, when Steve suggested the name Apple, Wozniak said why not Apple Records.
Because of having a better name from now on, the apple got stuck in the apple itself. A name that was selected after a lot of legal controversy.
It started in 1989 when and Apple Records sued Apple Computer for trademark infringement.
In 2006 Apple Computer and Apple Records Mile High Court of Justice take over the iTunes Music Store. In which the Beatles suggest that Apple is violating their previous agreement. But the court ruled in favor of Apple Computers.

So friends, this was the story of naming the Apple computer. I hope you like this article.
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