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So pokemon is such an animated character that we all must have seen some time in our life, especially if I talk about India, pokemon is very famous in India and today we are going to talk about one character of pokemon. whose name is Ash Ketchum.

Ash Ketchum is the most famous character and today we are going to talk about the history of Ash Ketchum as well as we will also know about childhood story of Ash Ketchum, however, till now we do not know much about the childhood story of Ash Ketchum. Nothing has been mentioned. In many episodes, we have been given some reference to the story of Ash’s childhood, so today we are going to talk about all these things, then this character is inspired by Satoshi Tajiri, who is the creator of Pokémon and Satoshi is very interested since childhood. Same garden and attitude in catching. It was more of a hobby and this hobby of his grew up to be the inspiration to make us like Pokemon.

The motto is cashed dem all and that’s where Ash Ketchum’s nickname is taken, which is ketchup, so let’s talk now, and also we will know why he wanted to be such a pokemon trainer, then he went to a professor of The summer is organized by Goose in the camp but there he gets separated from his group and wanders alone in a forest and at the same time it starts raining heavily and Ash hides under a tree and there he sees That many Pokémon are getting drenched in water. rain and he calls all the pokemon to him and he tells the pokemon that they don’t need to be afraid believes he will become a pokemon trainer and catch lots of different pokemon at this same summer camp Which we saw in his journey with Ash, now let’s talk about one whose name is Professor and Deep is always one step ahead because when it comes to choosing his first Pokémon, Deep chooses his first Pokémon before S. Is.

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They both had their first meeting near a river where Ash is catching But she escapes from Magic’s hands and meanwhile reaches there and tells him that he hasn’t even caught a magic rod and then they both go fishing on the same river and after some time something gets caught in their fishing rods and they see that both their fishing rods The same old one is hanging.


The two draw the Pokémon towards them, and the latter split the Pokéball, one deep and the other held by Ash, and a battle ensues between the two of them. Gehry feels that fighting a match with Ash is just like everyone else and keeps half of his Pokéballs with him so that he will always remember when he last faced Ghee, making the match between the two of them a tie. was happening and next time they will surely be much bigger of each other.

Because these two are not enemies and occasionally we get to see a glimpse of their friendship, we see Forward defeat Gary during a tournament, then move on to Deep Ash. And both of them remember their old days and then Deep tells Ash that the last time when they both faced the match was tied between them but today you have defeated me and you do this diesel and then He also greets her by shaking her hand. In this way, we can say that there is a little friendship between these two and even though both have different views, both have one goal.

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Since both want to become pokemon masters, now let’s talk about how the journey started, it was first seen in the pokemon I kiss you episode, which is the first episode of pokemon anime called First Town and pokemon. In the world where if you turn 10 you have a license, you can become a pokemon trainer and then announce professor. It is said that whoever is going to be the new Pokémon Trainer from the first city will be given three starter Pokémon, from which they can choose any Pokémon, but the day they have to choose their Pokémon will be too late. Ash’s day morning.

He wakes up and is very late but somehow manages to reach Professor Ock’s laptop where Ash joins him and is chosen and the first pokemon in the deep is now Squirtle after that process. he is too late to be here and has no Pokémon left because all three starter Pokémon are already gone and those three starter Pokémon are Squirtle Rebel Sir and Char Mender, then the professor tells Ash that they still have one pokemon left and that pokemon happens to be Pikachu who we all know becomes ash’s first pokemon but Pikachu isn’t so friendly in the beginning and he gets electrocuted but we all know that anyway

But because the laptop takes too long to arrive and Gary has already taken Squirtle Ash again makes Pikachu his first pokemon and thus begins the pokemon journey.

Because his first Pokémon Pikachu was very stubborn and didn’t listen to him at all, but then an event happens that changed everything, a huge flock of sparrows attacked Pikachu and they kill Pikachu a lot. injures but then protects Pikachu and he stands in front of Pikachu and says to all the sparrows Pikachu didn’t harm you, do whatever you want with me, and these things Pikachu too Sees as well as Pikachu can behind Ash and kills all those sparrows with a big electric shock and after this incident, Pikachu and Ash have become a great friendship that we have seen till date. And thus begins the journey to becoming a Pokemon master and in this journey he also makes a lot of new friends and he first meets Misty and then he meets Block who joins him on his journey. In addition, the popularity of Pokémon is due to the pairing of Pikachu, because if these two were not together, it is probably possible that Pokémon would not be so popular, especially Pikachu, which is so famous that the Pokémon franchise has made it its mascot. and that’s why they never do Pikachu because they think that if Pikachu evolved then the fan following of pokemon will be very less and it can also affect their business so man it was ash Ketchum’s story so man I told you Tried to tell everything about Ash shine so how his journey started from his childhood and maybe now you guys would have come to know everything and man I hope you guys liked this video and I also tell how do you like ash and Pikachu pair look and what if this pokemon was Squirtle, is this pokemon so popular and Pikachu pair.

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