Money is not the solution | Could not handle money even after being a millionaire | Sushil Kumar KBC

Sushil Kumar has written in his post, “Being a local personality, there used to be a program for ten to fifteen days in a month somewhere in Bihar. That’s why I gradually lost my studies.”

Sushil Kumar, who created history by answering the Rs 5 crore question correctly in Kaun Banega Crorepati season 5, remained in the headlines for a long time. However, with the passage of time, Sushil disappeared somewhere. Sushil was the first contestant who answered the question of 5 crores correctly. But do you know where he is today?

Sushil Kumar, who was preparing for IAS, became a millionaire overnight by answering the question of 5 crores correctly, but could not handle such a huge amount. In the past, Sushil posted on social media and told people how after getting so much money, he got addicted to alcohol and cigarettes and thugs started camping around him.

Sushil Kumar wrote in his post, “Being a local celebrity, there were programs for ten-fifteen days in a month somewhere in Bihar. That’s why I gradually dropped out of my studies. I used to be serious and the media also used to ask for some days. In what you are doing, I used to do this business sometimes without any experience so that I can tell in the media that I am not useless.”

Sushil told, “The result was that after a few days that business used to sink. Along with this, after KBC, I became a donor and got addicted to a secret charity. More than 50 thousand in such works in a month. Some current types of people also got involved in this and we used to get cheated a lot here and there, which came to know after giving donations for many days.

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“Relationship with wife was also slowly deteriorating. She often used to say that you do not know the right and wrong people and there is no concern for the future. Hearing all this, we used to feel that we could not understand.” There used to be a lot of fighting on this issue.

Sushil Kumar told that now along with all these things he has also become addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. When I had to sit with these people with alcohol and cigarettes.” Sushil Kumar has given much such information in his post and told how slowly he started understanding things until he understood everything. Ran out of money.

So guys this was the story of Sushil Kumar who was once a hero and became zero because of a lack of management of his finances. Thanks for reading this article.