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Bonn is a big name that covered 55 countries along with Ludhiana, which is a leader in the Bonn industry because of its quality and taste. Bonn’s growth is increasing every year.

This company was started by Manjeet Singh, company’s aura is increasing, Amarinder Singh is looking after all the operations, Amarinder’s dream is also going to be fulfilled, which is to give birth to a child.

In 1995 a small bakery was opened, and there was a factory, in 1997 a product was launched on the market for the first time, which became very popular and led to the growth of the company, Bonn named after the food capital of Germany. Germany has a huge hub of bakeries.

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I love the aroma of the yeast mixture in the dough. Manjeet Singh, the manufacturer, of Ludhiana-based Bonn Nutrients, says, “I am very happy to see perfectly baked Bread. It is the largest Bread manufacturer in North India with 67 percent market share in the region.” stake, producing 600,000 slices of bread per day. Bread Nutrients has its own Bakery, Bakery, Cakes, Cookies, Rusks, and Biscuits at Ludhiana and Kapurthala, Punjab, as well as its franchisee and contract manufacturing units in several other states in the North. From a mere Rs 65 crore in 2004/05, its turnover has increased to Rs 400 crore today.

Singh’s love affair with dough and yeast is almost 30 years old. It started with a small bakery-cum-shop owned by his brother-in-law in the busy bylanes of Braun Road in the old quarter of Ludhiana. Singh said, “On my sister’s insistence, my father sent me to Ludhiana to study. I stayed with him, and helped her husband in the bakery after school hours.” baking and wanted to stay in that business. That’s why I left my studies.

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Started bakery in 1985 with second-hand clay oven, Today Owner of a 400 crore company Bon Nutrients, in which 3,000 people work.
Singh’s family, from Sahiwal – then Montgomery – a small town in Pakistan, had shifted to Patiala in 1947 during the partition. While still in college, Singh tried his hand at the coal business but was unsuccessful. Thus there was skepticism all around when he started his bakery in Ludhiana’s Madhopur area in 1985, four months after his marriage, with an old clay oven and four bags of flour. “I had taken a loan from my friends and relatives to start the bakery,” he said. “Everyone thought I was taking a huge risk. I had no choice but to succeed.”

There were lessons and challenges for Singh along the way. In the initial months, he used to deliver his products on his scooter to shopkeepers in nearby towns. “During this time, I realized that to survive in this business, I had to be punctual and faster than my competitors. For this I needed to scale fast,” he says. Today, Bon Nutrients has a full-fledged transport department with 400 vehicles to deliver its products.

The Punjab insurgency was at its height in the 1980s, and at one point Singh’s business came to a halt after a salesman and his company driver were killed in terrorist attacks. “No one was willing to share the product,” he says.

“I set a goal,” Singh says. “I want to be a national player and a leader in my field.” Singh’s younger brother Jatinder has joined him in the business. He is waiting for his son Suvin, who is studying business management in London, to come back and join him.

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So, Friends, this is the story of the Bonn Bread Industry, I hope you like this article. Thanks for reading it.