Ferrari Success Story | Enzo Ferrari

Today I am going to talk about Ferrari, Italy’s leading car manufacturer at the forefront of sports cars, which is known all over the world for its speed and technology.

It was made by Enzo Ferrari in the year 1939 and since then the popularity of this car is increasing day by day and buying a Ferrari car is the dream of every car lover these days. So in this case, you would probably like to know the background of this car company, Read this article till the end, because the life story of Enzo Ferrari, the founder of Ferrari, is definitely going to motivate you.

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About Enzo Ferrari

Friends, the story begins on February 18, 1898, when Enzo Ferrari was born in Modena, Italy. Since childhood, he was very fond of cars and that is why at the age of 10 he went to watch car races with his father and then decided that he would grow up to be a racing driver, since then he has participated in many competitions. Car Racing Events.

Later, he completed his graduation from Modena College and then went on to work as a teacher in a fire brigade workshop school. But only a few months after starting the job he had to join the Italian army to join World War I and then in the meantime in 1916 when “widespread Italian” fever broke out. His brother and father died. And then the economic condition of his family also kept getting worse.

So after returning from World War, Ferrari again went out in search of a job, and then he applied to the well-known car company Fiat, but he was rejected due to a lack of vacancies. And then after a lot of struggle, he got a job as a test driver in a motor company in Turin city of Italy.

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How Dream of Enzo Ferrari Fulfilled

Actually, Ferrari did not study in the automobile sector but he had a lot of knowledge because of his tremendous passion for cars. And then in 1919, seeing his passion and talent, he was promoted to a racing car driver and with this, the childhood dream of Ferrari was also fulfilled. And he participated in many running competitions for the next few years and won many of them.

But after the death of one of his fellow drivers in 1925, he started living in fear and his mind started withdrawing from the car race. Finally, after the birth of his son in 1932, he decided to retire and then looked after the management and development of the Alfa Romeo car company.

Starting of the Ferrari Company

But later he had a dispute with this company and then in 1939 he started his own company called Auto Avio Castru-Zioni, which supplied parts to other car racing teams.

Actually, Enzo Ferrari wanted to name his company Ferrari from the beginning, but when he left the Alfa Romeo company, there was an agreement with the company that if you open his company, he cannot name the company Ferrari for the next 4 years. And then after starting the company, his work did not increase much because the second world war also started, and then after the end of the world war in 1946, he started designing cars for his company.

In 1947, for the first time, Ferrari launched the Ferrari 125 sports car named after him, which was well-liked by the people, later the cars made by him also started participating in this race. In 1951 the Ferrari company won its first Grand Prix. It was from here that everyone came to know and recognize this company and since then Enzo Ferrari never looked back.

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The sales of the cars made by them went on increasing. In today’s time, Ferrari’s name is taken first in the counting of sports cars. And today everyone is crazy about its design and speed.

So, friends, there were many problems in his life but Enzo Ferrari never gave up. And I hope this story will definitely inspire you to do something in your life. Thanks for reading this article.