How a clerk created a hotel empire worth 6000 crores | Oberoi Hotels Group

Mohan Singh Oberoi is the founder of The Oberoi Group. He was born into a very poor family, he was born in Pakistan. Those who work with their families tend to support their families after completing primary school. But fate had planned something else for him. He went to Shimla, and he had only 25 rupees in his pocket. He just reached Shimla to try his luck.

At that time, he started a job as a clerk in a hotel, but at that time, he understood everything with his mind that is needed to run a hotel, then he did not stop, just be completely expert in his work. Seeing his dedication, the hotel owner offered us a partnership. A new hotel has been built. Mr. Oberoi mortgaged his wife’s jewelry and bought some assets of the hotel, then he put some of his shares in the hotel.

How a Clerk Built 6000 crore Hotel Empire | Mohan Singh Oberoi | Oberoi group |

There was no point in looking back now, in 1938 he took over the iconic Grand Hotel in Kolkata. Achieving huge success within a few years, He acquired several stakes even now, India’s largest hotel chain. Mr. Mohan Singh Oberoi is also known as the father of the Indian hotel industry. And he has also been honored with Padma Vibhushan, he has made a huge contribution to the Indian hotel industry. The Oberoi Group has 31 best hotels and resorts in India and abroad.

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Their hotels and resorts are 5 stars, and apart from India, Indonesia, Mauritius, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, their resorts and hotels are well established.

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So, friends, this was the story of Mr. Mohan Singh Oberoi, I hope you like this article. Thanks for reading.