How an Instagram Page Became a Full-Time Business (Sahil Paruthi)

Children are always precious to the mother and if the mother is not seen at home at the time of coming home, then the children also become a little disappointed. And seeing the mother gives a different kind of happiness. One such child’s love for his mother whose name is Sahil Prithi.

Sahil has worked with various organizations in Startups such as Innovators, Samsung, and Travel Triangle. His mother had brain surgery. Sahil was very worried about his mother’s pain. He has done a lot for the speedy recovery of his mother and to do this he felt a need for a personalized care platform. this time was hard because Sahil was not going to his job for 9 months. he was deeply involved in his mother’s problem.

Sahil gathered field knowledge and started an Instagram page just as a hobby. But the page get a lot of response in very less time.
After getting so many answers, he decided to make this a full-time business.

Meet Sahil Pruthi Founder of Keto India | An Instagram Page to Full Time Business

How Keto India was started and its business model

Keto India is not only a successful startup but has now become a big brand in India. Keto India offers personalized diet consultation and meal plan-tailored products and services. Keto India is a subscription model and their plans start from Rs.4499. Sahil also started Luvify after the success of Keto India. Sahil also recently appeared in Shark Tank India. And he also impressed all the sharks. 5 out of 6 Sharks offered 16% equity for 1.6 crores. But Sahil did not accept this.
Friends, Keto India has helped more than 3000 clients in more than 16 states.

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Keto India is now Livofy, Offical website of Livofy (Previously Keto India) is

So here it is the journey of Sahil Prithi who is the founder of Keto India. I hope you like this article thanks for reading it.