Physics Wallah Success Story | Alakh Pandey

Today we would be talking about Physics Wala, an education startup that has recently completed its journey of becoming a unicorn by raising $100 million from investors through a series of funding. After raising 100 million dollars i.e. 770 crores, this company has crossed its valuation of 1 billion dollars. This startup known as Physics Wale has now joined the list of 8000 crore rupees unicorn companies. The founder and CEO of this company (Physics Wala) are Alakh Pandey. Who has taken this startup to such heights with their sincere efforts over the years.

Alakh Pandey Physics Wala

Alakh Pandey is one such person whose company or rather his education startup has got the status of Unicorn recently. Alakh Pandey is well known for teaching for the preparation of competitive exams. He is very popular among his students for his way of teaching. His way of teaching is liked by all the students and that is the reason why physics is discussed everywhere today. And today Alakh Pandey’s company has become the 101st unicorn company in the country. Let us tell you that this company will be the first ed-tech company that has got a chance to join unicorn companies today through Series A funding.

He was fond of teaching from the beginning. He also made the purpose of his life. Today they prepare lakhs of children for competitive exams. There was a time when he used to earn only Rs.5000 per month for teaching, but today the same company has become worth 1.1 crores.

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Early Life of Alakh Pandey

Alakh Pandey is originally from Prayagraj (East Allahabad). He is survived by his parents (father Satish Pandey and mother Rajat Pandey) and a sister, Aditi. Earlier the economic condition of his house was not very good. And there came a time when his parents had to sell their house to educate their two children i.e. Alakh and his daughter Aditi. Despite such circumstances, Alakh Pandey was very good in their studies from the beginning.

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He did his early studies at Bishop Johnson School in Prayagraj itself. he had scored 91 percent in high school and 93.5 percent in 12th. Slowly understanding the economic condition of the house, he started teaching his younger children from the time of school itself. After some time, Alakh Pandey started teaching in coaching for 3 thousand rupees a month.

Talking about his early years, we can start from his school time when he started teaching tuition to young children to help the family financially. He was already interested in teaching and then while teaching children, he became more attached to teaching. This was the reason that he later made teaching his career. Although he made it his source of income, he kept it accessible to all students. So that more and more students can get benefits in fewer fees.
In an interview, Alakh Pandey says that he had a lot of interest in the field of acting, but with time when he understood the economic condition of the house, he started giving tuition to the children while studying in the 8th class. It was a necessity at that time but today it is his hobby and passion. He says that today he enjoys teaching.

Quit Engineering and Started Teaching

After passing 12th, Alakh Pandey took admission in engineering. His father had also taken a loan to do engineering, although Alakh Pandey did not complete the engineering course and left studies in the third year itself and came back to Prayagraj and started teaching physics in coaching. His teaching in tuition and coaching continued as usual, which fulfilled his financial needs. He did not get admission to any coaching institute during that time because he could not pay so much fees for his studies. That’s why I left engineering studies, and started teaching in coaching. Impressed by his studies, the founder of the coaching advised him to start a YouTube channel. After which he (Alakh Pandey) started his YouTube channel named Physicswala in the year 2015. However, initially, he did not get much success in this. Despite this, he was continuously engaged in this, and then in the year 2017, he started teaching students entirely on YouTube. Prateek Maheshwari, who did engineering at IIT BHU, also started teaching with him.

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In the year 2020, the students preparing for competitive exams like NEET and JEE benefited a lot from the lockdown during the Corona period, as well as the YouTube channel became very famous. In the same year, Alakh Pandey along with Prateek Maheshwari registered a company as Physicswala Private Limited.

He said that his students are behind the success of his company. This is because efforts are on to fulfill whatever advice the students have been giving so far. And by doing this his channel kept getting better day by day. Even today, he has been making changes in his teaching methods and other things according to the needs of the students.

Rejected offer of 75 crores

After some time, on the demand of the children (students) and understanding their needs, Alakh Pandey also launched his app. Such was the popularity of the channel that at least more than 5 million people downloaded the application. The result of this popularity was that one of the popular companies in the coaching world offered a package of 75 crores annually to Alakh Pandey due to increasing competition. Which he refused. This company was an academy.

While another academy and Byju’s were providing preparation in packages worth lakhs of rupees, Physicswala was preparing students in a package of just Rs 999. For this reason, he (Alakh Pandey) was given this offer, which he turned down. He said that he aims to provide this facility to the students of the deprived community of the country, who do not get the opportunity to prepare due to financial constraints.

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Today, Alakh Pandey’s company is one of the most profitable startup companies, currently an education startup with over 6 million students, over 1500 teachers, and a revenue of Rs 350 crore. Alakh Pandey says that he will use this fund for business expansion, branding, opening PW offline centers, and starting courses in other local languages.

What is the real name of the physics guy?

The real name of Physics wallah is Alakh Pandey. The one with physics is the name of his company.

Where is Alakh Pandey from?

Alakh Pandey is a resident of Prayagraj.

When did the physics wallah start?

Physics Wala started as a YouTube channel in 2015.