Sippline Glass ka Mask | Rejected in Shark Tank BUT Rohit Warrier is a Real Warrior

Ashneer Grover the judge in Shark Tank India season 1, and BharatPe Co-founder may regret not investing in Sippline drinking shields, Shark Tank India’s product Sippline was rejected by Judges, which is called a glass ka mask, and Ashneer sir said that this product is not known to anyone, But Rohit’s imagination is level is amazing, he valued his company at 5 crores and asked for 15% equity of 75 lakh junk, and he begged for 1200 unit sales on Amazon.

Befriended, hotels and pubs in my glasses taking care of pelagic lips and infection caused by dirt, just keep a small device in your pocket and put it on the glass before drinking any morning drink. your lips will not touch the glass, it is safe for your health.

Website od Sippline

But that doesn’t demotivate, and the awareness about it among the people is increasing. Awareness to the public of our easy product and the episode of Shark Tank, the sales of the Junk Sippline will increase. Rohit Warrier when asked about in an interview then he says, this is for those who daily face such problems in their life, in their first business whenever they get no good glass at a tea shop in the market. So he invented this device called sippline and there is also a need for this device in the market

Sippline Glass ka Mask | Rejected in Shark Tank BUT Rohit Warrier is a Real Warrior

Shark Tank India judge will say that we will see the competition, rest of the companies have a passion to make better products, but the product has been patented, and we will tell you who will make it even better and take the company forward.

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