Tv Anchor Fraud CNBC Awaaz – Hemant Ghai

Suppose you are the anchor of a big financial news channel that gives news in the bare hands of stocks. Your host a show called Stock 20-20 which airs Monday to Friday at 7:20 am In this show, recommendations have been given to the audience, on what stocks to have to buy and sell.
Your show is watched by millions and your tips work. You recommend the next morning at 7:20 am to buy the same stock tips you gave to your wife and your mother the previous day. When the rest of the people will do the next day, they will buy tops which will be given to them in the middle of the day.
How was the plan, in which there is no risk? Because millions of people will put their money in the same stock at your behest. You Win the trust of the audience as well and do your own thing.

But is this a fraud?
Let’s see the real story of Hemant Ghai, a TV anchor of CNBC Awaaz, whose story you have just Read above. The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has banished TV anchor Hemant Ghai and his wife and their mother from the stock market and has stopped all their activities due to fraudulent trading activity. Market Regulatory Authorities have claimed that 3 people earned about Rs 3 crore from this from January 2019 to May 2020 from one show running only on TV, Named Stock 20-20 on CNBC Awaaz channel which has a lot of financial material.
Madhabi Puri Buch who is a whole time member says SEBI. It was seen that Jaya Hemant Ghai his wife and Shyam Mohini Ghai’s mother did a similar thing in today’s buy-sell tomorrow which shares were bought and sold on the previous day with recommendations on TV and Ghai was also taking unwanted advantage of unpublished information.
SEBI took action against Ghai to maintain the security and integrity of the market. All his bank accounts were confiscated and an amount of 2.95 crore has been confiscated due to investigation. Taking call data and information from broker-dealers, SEBI found that Ghai also had access to the accounts of his mother and wife.

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