A Hyderabadi Boy who became the CEO of Microsoft – Satya Nadela

Satya Nadella Who first took the chair as the CEO of Microsoft in February 2014
As Time Company was starting Flag. Their smartphones were not getting much success, Windows 8 was installed. And the consumers were losing their faith in the company. That’s why Satya Nadela Started his work.
In 5 years, Satya Nadella started bringing the company on the path and once again made Microsoft one of the top tech companies in the world. There are a lot of late nights and hard work to achieve this.

Who is this Hyderabadi boy:

Satya Nadella was born in 1967 and wanted to become a cricketer. His father was an IAS officer and his Mother Sanskrit Lecturer at Hyderabad Public School. He did Electrical Engineering from Manipal. He moved to Sun Microsystems in 1990 to pursue a master’s in computer science and Bill Gates was the CEO of Microsoft at the US time.
He Joined Microsoft in 1992 and completed his MBA in 1996. Worked on many projects in the company. He Started bringing Microsoft’s Database Window Server and Developer Tools to Azure Cloud, then Microsoft restarted Azure and made some changes. Satya Nadella started rolling out his most famous Microsoft Office and platforms like Android and iOS. This changed a lot that even Windows didn’t change. After that Nadella also made some acquisitions Mojang, xamarin, LinkedIn, and GitHub
Microsoft’s stock prices tripled by 2018 and revenue rose from $86 billion to $143 billion.
Satya Nadella is also a mentor to many entrepreneurs, who is also a motivational speaker. You can watch many of his speeches which will give you a lot of inspiration.
Satya Nadela always recommends to youngsters
Be passionate and courageous. Always keep learning. Nadella at Microsoft advises students to stop doing things if they don’t learn. He handled several important projects, he grew cloud services revenue from $16.6 billion to $20.3 billion. First, he became the Vice President of Research and Development and then the Microsoft Business Division.
There is a show of Satya Nadella playing cricket since childhood, who says that the reason for developing leadership skills in him is cricket. Satya Nadella’s wife is also from India and is the daughter of her father’s college Anupama. Satya has a son and 2 daughters.
Once in October 2014 she did a women’s computing event and then joined a statement that women should not ask for a raise and trust the system, she has been criticized for statements that were later true Sorry then send us to email officially to Employees which was wrong.
Satyan Nadella has been honored with many awards.
It is a matter of pride for India that the CEO of such a big company is from India. And many people have made us their mentors.

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