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KTM can also be seen as an off road motorcycle. KTM has introduced a lot of street off road bikes in 2015. Ktm developed sports car named as x-bow. KTM was the largest motorcycle seller since 2012 for the four consecutive years. It became one of the big motorcycle makers, selling 2,03,423 bikes in a single year.

In 1934 Johann Hans, an Austrian engineer, started a bike and car repair shop, selling those DKW motorcycles and Opel cars in Mattigofen in 1937. His shop was named Kraftfahrzug Trunkenpolz Wiefenpolz Mattighofen, but the name was unregistered. The whole business was managed, which used to work only on diesel engines. After the World War, the demand for repair work decreased, then he started producing his bike. His first motorcycle prototype R100 was made in 1951. All the parts of the bike were made at home. Serial production of the R100 began in 1953 with only 20 employees. ernst Kronrif, a businessman, was banned because of the major shareholder of the company. Introduced a new name registered Kronreif and Trunkenpolz Mattighofen, 1954 R 154 Tourist modeled. The company participated in the first race Austrian 125cc National Championship. KTM made its way in the market and won the gold medal. In 1957 KTM made its first sports motorcycle The Trophy 125 cc KTM's first moped named Mekey was launched in 1957 then Pony 1962 May Comet in 1963 and cycle production also started.

Ernst Kronrieff died in 1960, after Hans Trunkenpolz also died of a heart attack, after which Erich Trunkenpolz took charge of the company. Business was Expanding and Workforce went up to 400 By 1972

After 42 years of KTM they are offering 42 models They are also making motorcycles for the racing industry. In 1970-80 they also started making engines and radiators and supplying to European car manufacturing companies.

In 1978 KTM North America was started, in 1980 it was renamed as KTM Motor Fahrzeubau Kilo The company was now having 700 employees. Scooters and moped sales began to plummet after Erik Trankpolz died in 1989. 51% of the company's shares were taken over by the Australian investment trust Git, but controlled by politician Joseph Taus, after several unsuccessful attempts, the company collapsed and management and control passed to creditor banks.

what happened after 1991

Then final four divisions became, Motorcycle Division, Bicycle Division, Radiator Division and Tooling Division.
Production of KTM sports motorcycles began in 1992, later overtaken by the Tooling Division, focused on investment and research and development, several new models were released and also participated in racing events, then in 1996, the KTM Duke series was launched.

Racing and Adventure series were launched In 2007 the company also launched the X-Bow sports car. In 2007, Indian motorcycle manufacturer Bajaj Motorcycle took a 47% stake KTM acquired Swedish motorcycle company Husqavanna Motorcycles. It Became BMW to KTM AG in 2012.
Now KTM is owned by Pierer Mobility AG with 51% share and Bajaj Motorcycles with 47# share. KTM has many models of off road bikes such as  motocross, cross country endure free ride duke etc. Which company has been designing KTM bikes since 1992, this company's shops also design clothes and accessories KTM Parts Accessories Cloth is also on offer. 
X-Bow is a light weight two seater sports car in bare terms. It also has a lot of models. R and GT versions are legal in Europe. It is made with Audi engine and with carbon fiber chassis, it is Italian racing car maker Dallara. and is the world's first legal road car with full carbon fiber monoqueue. So friends, this was the information about the favorite bike of youngsters KTM. 
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