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Enforcement Directorate has recently acquired 760 crore assets of Amwayindia Pvt Ltd, they say that this Direct Selling Multilevel Network Kejaria Pyramid Fraud Chalarahai. So Let’s know about Pyramid Fraud and how it works. What kind of business model is this, in which people get mixed up instead of selling directly? maybe your friend or relatives also refered and introduce you to Amway India or MLM companies like this and takes you with them at seminar or function. they makes the buyer team member who has become a member of the network, are also called to connect people, show such big dreams, Big cars, money, Banglow, fame, and some people start this act of talking. By joining a member you will get your commission. People who join the company and use focus products of that member who are aware of the use of focus products pyramid will be created by adding a star logo.

Products are sold on commission. Do people associated with the pyramid pay a lot of money to buy the company’s products? So the direct selling companies are the companies like forever and the main companies of amway is the third largest. Amway plans to increase sales of the pyramid chai, and it is seems like a fraud, and Amway who sell their company’s products at a price higher than the market price that would come from selling the product. According to Ed, the company earned 27562 crore from 2002 to 2022 through direct selling.

Pyramid Scheme क्या है? और ये कैसे काम करती है | MLM | Network Marketing | MATTER EXPLAINED !

Friends, the central government had last year banned the pyramid schemes of direct customer companies, according to Numoco, a direct seller of any company can go to any customer’s home without any identification. The brand ambassador of amway India is Amitabh Bachchan who became the brand ambassador last year.

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So friends, you also have the resources of the same companies from which you forced to buy the products by any of your friends and relatives, how to fulfill your dreams without hard work.

So what you say about MLM companies, do let me know in the comments. thanks fore reading this article.