Three engineers opened B-Tech Chai, where 50 types of tea are available

The lockdown caused by Corona affected the lives of many people, people lost their jobs, and their earnings decreased. Many people associated with the field of technology also became unemployed. Three youngsters Anandu, Mohammed Shafi, and their brother Shanavas, also engineers from the Kollam district in Kerala, lost their jobs due to the lockdown.

Anandu and Shafi were classmates during B.Tech days of Electrical Engineering. He worked with several tech companies in Kerala. But he lost his job in the lockdown. Shanavas, who did mechanical engineering, also worked with several firms in Gujarat before the lockdown. But he also became unemployed in the lockdown.
thought of starting the business.

How B.Tech Chai Wala Started

When the lockdown is over and jobs are already down, the trio decided to quit their jobs and start their own business. This is how B.Tech Chai Wala started. This tea stall, which opened in the busy Kollam area last month, has become quite popular among the locals. The fame of this tea shop is not because there are three engineers selling tea here, but because it has become famous for its unique taste. They have 50 different flavors of tea.

लॉकडाउन में नौकरी गई तो इन तीन इंजीनियर्स ने खोल दिया Chai | Success Story

According to Anandu, the menu of B Tech Tea already has 50 flavors of tea, developed by him. These flavors will increase in the coming days. Speaking to Indiatimes, Anandu said that the most unique and popular tea on our menu is Ginza. This is a typical Indian Masala Chai. It contains a mixture of many ayurvedic herbs. We currently have 50 different flavors of tea, most of which are popular.

Along with the taste, the cheap price of tea at B.Tech Chai Wala Stall also attracts tea lovers. On the one hand, where expensive tea is sold in expensive restaurants, here tea starts at Rs 9. The cost of the most expensive tea here is Rs 45.

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B. tech chai Instagram

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It was not easy for these three engineers to reach here. They did everything on their own. From designing the bridge cart to making tea spices, they himself did the work. In the midst of all this, he also had to face opposition from the family. Anandu says that both Shafi and I come from middle-class families. It was no less than a shock to my family that an engineering graduate was leaving his job to sell tea for the rest of his life. They wanted me to apply for the job.
Her father is still angry with Anandu’s decision. These days the two don’t talk often. It was a bit easy for Shafi as his family background was in the event sector. So they easily understood this business idea.

After persuading the family, the next challenge for the trio was fundraising. They had no savings and were not getting any support from the family. They raised about 1.5 lakh rupees with the help of friends, from which he bought cafes and other items including furniture.

The struggle of these three soon started showing colors. B.Tech tea became popular among people in less than a month. So What you say about this startup, do let me know in the comments section and share this article with friends. thanks for reading.