Zomato Success Story | Zomato Founder Deepinder Goyal Success Story

Friends, today's era is the age of internet where every person whether he is shopping through online or getting knowledge, can easily get everything he wants through online. Similarly, Deependra Goyal also launched an online food portal "foodibay.com" to ease the problems of the people through online. It was the same Foodibay.com which was later changed to "Zomato". 

zomato success story:

We are talking about Deepinder Goyal, a resident of Muktsar Punjab, who completed his M-Tech from IIT Delhi from 2000 to 2005. Deependra was very weak in studies from the beginning. He failed the first time in the sixth, then tried again to reach the eighth grade. In class VIII, he got good marks in the class by copying from the teacher.

But due to lack of interest in studies from the beginning, he again failed in class XI. The family members in anger sent him to Chandigarh for further studies. Deependra gave his full attention to further studies and in the very first time he passed the entrance of IIT and reached IIT Delhi. From the very beginning, his mind was to do something big instead of studying. He always thought differently from others. From the time of graduation, he used to see that there was always a queue outside the food shops. He wanted a solution to this problem.

The business idea came up in the office cafeteria.

After completing his studies from IIT, Deependra Goyal joined a firm "Bain & Company" as a consultant. Once during office lunch, he noticed that there was a long queue in the office cafeteria due to the crowd, all his colleagues were standing in that line and waiting for their turn to go to the cafeteria to see the menu. Everyone's time was wasted by waiting in the queue. With this an idea came to his mind. He scanned the cafeteria menu and made it online, which people liked very much.

Deependra Goyal's Startup:

zomato success story Seeing the good response from the people, the idea of ​​startup came in his mind. He thought that why not make such a website in which information about all the restaurants can be found. So that people don't have to waste their time in line and can check everything from menus to reviews of cafeterias and restaurants online. When Deependra shared this idea with his colleague Pankaj Chadha, he praised Deependra very much and promised to cooperate in his work. In 2008, the two friends together launched the online food portal foodibay.com. Through this portal, people can easily know the price of each meal of any restaurant, the address of the restaurant and the popularity of those restaurants etc. Soon his website became popular across the city. First their portal started with a list of restaurants in Delhi NCR. Then 12 more City restaurants were added to their portal. Due to his continuous hard work, today the whole country and today 23 countries of the whole world went on joining him.

There was no support from his family:

He had to devote all his time to the online food portal Foodibay.com, due to which he also had to quit his job. Upon learning of this decision taken by Dipendra, his family members did not support him at all, as he was from a middle-class family. He did not want Deependra to leave his job and do any business. But his wife Kanchan, who studied with him from IIT Delhi, always supported Dipendra.
In 2010 its name was changed from Fudibe to Zomato:

According to Dipendra when he saw that the food sector has the potential for better opportunities for the future as well as people started giving better feedback on his website foodiebay.com, he resigned from his consulting job to dedicate his full time given. on this project. In 2010, he thought of a new name for the company which should be short and people could remember that name easily. Soon he thought of replacing his website Foodibay.com with "Zomato" and re-formed the Zomato.com company. Zomato's business is spread across the world. 

zomato success story:

Today, the Zomato company has gained popularity all over the world through its website and mobile application. The website of Deepender's Zomato company has photos, reviews, menu of the restaurant and complete information about almost all the restaurants. Through the Zomato application and website, you can order food from any restaurant near you and there is also the facility of online payment. Keeping in mind the convenience of the people, the facility of free home delivery is available from Zomato.
Today, information of more than 2 lakh restaurants is available in more than 10 thousand cities of Deependra's Zomato company in 24 countries. Zomato's website is available in several different languages ​​depending on the country, such as Turkish, Portuguese, Slovak, Indonesian, Spanish and English.

Funding of crores of rupees:

Seeing the success of Zomato, Info Edge (India) first invested around Rs 4.7 crore, at that time the name of their company was Foodibay.com instead of Zomato. After one year of this investment, the same company increased its investment by almost 3 times considering its rising market value and invested. After that the little angel Ciara was born in Deepender's house, it seemed that "Maa Lakshmi" has arrived at her house, as Info Edge (India) Company has tied up with Sequa Capital for a joint venture of Invested money On receipt of this investment, within the next 6 months, Zomato acquired Menu Minia based in New Zealand, then Zomato bought companies from all over Europe, which are considered to be the largest restaurant search company in their country.

Market Value of Zomato Company:

Today Deependra's company Zomato has made its mark in about 24 countries apart from India. Today this company has included its name in the successful startups of the world by creating a value of more than 7000 crores in its market.

zomato success story:

Friends, to be successful, it is not necessary that what is your business, but it is important that you are eliminating the problems of common people through your business. To do any business, the most important thing is to have high intentions and strong will power.

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