MakeMyTrip Founder Deep Kalra Success Story

Friends, today we have come forward more than ever before through technology. Today we can book flight, rail or hotel tickets online very easily, but before 2000 there was no such facility. People had to book tickets by standing in line and also had to pay by going to hotels. Till that time the technology of booking tickets through any website was not developed but now it is not so. Today we can book our travel tickets online from anywhere, wheather it rail or flight, whatever the resource, now life is easier than ever.
The success story of Deep Kalra,  

We are talking about Deep Kalra, who has solved the problems of people by connecting them with technology. He has included his company in the list of successful companies in India today by starting MakeMyTrip company.
So let's know what were the difficulties Deep Kalra faced in making his online platform MakeMyTrip successful and how much turnover his company has today. 

Deep Kalra Success Story:

starting time:

After completing his primary education Deep Kalra completed his graduation from St. Stephen's College, Delhi in 1987. After graduation, he moved to Ahmedabad to study business management where he earned a business management degree from IIM-Ahmedabad. After completing his graduation and business management, he thought of taking his career to the banking sector. He did the first job of his career three years back in ABN AMRO BANK. After working for about 3 years, he resigned from his job in 1995. 

Makemytrip success story:

To be ready to do something:

After resign from ABN AMRO Bank, he started thinking of doing something big on his own. He did not want to do the job again, for this he started thinking about what he could do, as well as getting information through the Internet. Meanwhile, he started getting good package job offers from many other banks. But he was thinking of planning something different. Then he got the idea that why not do something through online so that people can get help. But he was not yet completely satisfied, he still had a lot to learn for his work. That's why he thought about the job even without wanting to. Lessons learned from raising funding for an American company.
He wanted to do such a job which would be very challenging in his life and he got a lot to learn, so he chose an area where he had to face a lot of difficulties. He associated with the American company "AMF Bolling" and took the responsibility of bringing them to India. For Deep Kalra, it was starting to become very difficult for the AMF Bowling Company to collect investments in India. He wanted to expand AMF Bolling Company in India by any means but in India he was getting investors from very difficult conditions to invest in the company as well as he was facing all his challenges firmly. Deep Kalra faced troubles and difficult situations with this company for 4 years and finally said goodbye to the company after 4 years. He was not happy with his work at all. His goal was to set his own stage. He also wanted to set up his own business like AMF Bolling Company.

the founder of MakeMyTrip:

Recognize the growing power of online:

Later in 1999, he joined GE Capital of America. Most of the work in this company was started online. Soon Deep Kalra was beginning to realize the power of the Internet that his business could be run online very easily and also knew that the coming future would be completely based on the Internet. At that time the Internet was slowly spreading its feet in India.

Launch of

Deep Kalra grooming himself soon resigned from the job of GE Capital Company. Now he started thinking about business completely. When Deep Kalra did research into India's tourism industry, according to his study, Indians had to wait for their number at ticket counters for hours to get tickets. Deep got the right opportunity and right time to start this online business. In view of this problem of the people, he made arrangements to book tickets online. For which he launched a website in the year 2000, which was named

It is a website that provides online train, flight, car ticketing facility to travel anywhere from one place to another through MakeMyTrip website to make travel simple and easy for people. Provides online booking facility to book rooms in any hotel.
Through this website, people can easily book their holiday packages sitting at home.

Today, MakeMyTrip has 51 retail stores in 47 major cities of India, with the help of which people can book tickets online as per their plan from the comfort of their homes. In a very short time, this company has made a different position among the people.
Today, the Make my Trip application is easily available in most people's smartphones. With which people can book their tickets in minutes by staying anywhere. Today this Make my Trip startup has also included its name in all the successful startups. 
CEO of Making My Trip Deep Kalra Success Story:

Make-My-Trip Company Turnover:

The starting of Make My Trip company in India was not good but Deep Kalra made Make My Trip company his monopoly in the market with his hard work and dedication. After which the turnover of this company started increasing and in the year 2016-2017 the turnover of the company increased to about $ 62 billion. Thousands of people are also getting employment from this company.

Successful Startup MakeMyTrip:

Seeing the growing success of Make My Trip startup Kalra got the shares of his company listed on the stock exchange within the next five years. Today thousands of people are making their journey easy and exciting with the help of this website of Deep Kalra.
Friends, today thousands of people are enjoying their travel very easily through Make My Trip, not only in India but also abroad. Due to which the tourism industry of the country and abroad has also benefited a lot. Deep Kalra had decided from the very beginning to keep pace with the evolving technology in India, due to which today his startup has got a lot of success in the country as well as abroad.

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