Google CEO Sundar Pichai Biography

This is the story of Sundar Pichai, who is today the CEO of Google, touching the heights of the sky. Sundar’s success story inspires youth. Sundar Pichai was born in 1972 in Chennai (Madras), Sundar’s father was an engineer in the British company GEC. His family lived in a two-room house. There was no separate place in it for Sundar’s studies. So he slept on the drawing room floor with his younger brother. There was neither a TV nor a car in the house. With this, the financial condition of his family improved, the engineer father had sowed the seeds of technology in his son’s mind during his childhood. So he also paved the way for Sundar to move forward and at the age of 17, he passed the entrance exam of IIT and took admission to Kharagpur. Sundar was always the topper of his batch during his engineering studies (1989-93) at IIT Kharagpur. Professor Sanat Kumar Rai, who teaches Sundar at IIT, says, “Even during his studies in Metallurgy and Materials Science, Sundar was working on various fields of Electronics. That too in that era when there were no electronics in IIT’s syllabus. Even then the electronics sound good for him. Recalling Sundar, who lives in IIT’s Nehru Hall hostel, the professor says that Sundar is a very humble person. In the year 1993, he topped his batch and also won a silver medal in the final examination. After this, he went to Stanford University for further studies and got a scholarship.

After leaving IIT, he never looked back. He started a job at Google about 11 years ago while working in companies. Cesar Sengupta, Pichai’s classmate and later who worked with him for eight years at Google, says, “It is difficult to find a single person in Google who does not like or is not influenced by Sundar. Another of his classmates, P. Subramaniam, says, “Sundar always had a smile on his face and we jokingly called him a bookworm.”

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After being elected as the CEO of Google, now Sundar Pichai’s name is on people’s tongues, but very few people know that during his studies in IIT, everyone knew him as P. Sundararajan. From a two-room house to the CEO of the world’s most prominent technology company, he recently bought a multi-crore house for his parents in Chennai. Celebrities of IIT Kharagpur Prior to Sundar’s breakthrough from IIT Kharagpur’s Department of Metallurgy, there are also Praveen Choudhary, long-time head of IBM’s research division, and Arun Sarin, CEO of Vodafone. Before becoming the CEO of Google, Pichai’s name was also in the race to become the CEO of Microsoft but later Satya Nadella was chosen in his place. In between, Twitter also tried to favor him, but according to experts, Google agreed to keep him in the company by giving him a bonus of 10 to 50 million dollars. But Sundar Pichai is not just a bookie kid. Who is ahead of the rest in other activities?

Google CEO Sundar Pichai Biography in Hindi

These special things about Pichai:

Good Cricketer: Won Tamil Nadu State Regional Tournament while captaining a high school cricket team
Received honors: Pichai has been honored with the titles of Cybele Scholar and Palmer Scholar
Strong Professional: Worked for several years at consulting firm McKinsey, joined Google Search in 2004
Sharp Memory: When close people ask for a forgotten telephone number of 1984, Sundar tells it even today
Soft-spoken: US media refers to him as Larry Page’s right-hand man
Team Dedication: Showed dedication to the team and proved himself working with Marissa Mayer
Brilliant talent: Renowned American company Raba Inc. named him as a member of the advisory board are recognized
Chrome launched: Chrome web browser launched and web-based Chrome OS also launched for netbooks throughout the year
Google Apps and Android acquired: Google Apps was acquired in 2012 and Android within a year
Smarter Tasks: Gmail, Google Maps Apps, and Android Apps Developed for All Google Products.

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