Panasonic Success Story | Kōnosuke Matsushita Success Story

Every person takes out his share of hard work on some pretext or the other. Even if you didn’t grow up in a cradle of gold. If you are born into a rich and prosperous family, you cannot be sure that your whole life will be spent in comfort and that you will not have to work hard. If Konosuke Matsushita had thought the same way, he probably would not have been able to touch the heights of success.
Are you familiar with this name? If not, then you must be familiar with the name of the electronic company Panasonic. So let me tell you how deep is the relationship between Konosuke Matsushita and Panasonic.

Who is Konosuke Matsushita?

In the year 1894, Konosuke Matsushita of Wakayama Prefecture, Japan was born in this year and at this place. Father was a well-known landlord of the village. Being happy at home did not diminish Matsushita’s upbringing. Perhaps in those days, Matsushita’s parents thought they could give their son a good life, but little did they know that worse times awaited them with open arms. Matsushita was 5 years old at the time when one day everything changed in a flash. In 1899, due to a bad decision, Matsushita’s father lost so much that he sold everything.

This family, which was called the landlord of the village, suddenly became poor. After such a situation, the family had to sell everything and move to another place. Matsushita’s family had left their home and land to live in a place where even their basic needs were difficult to meet. Things got so bad that by the age of 9, Konosuke Matsushita’s books were also snatched from his hands.

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Matsushita dropped out of school and started working to support the family financially. Working odd jobs, Matsushita got a job in a shop. Born in a happy affluent family, Matsushita’s life had changed so much that now every morning he had to face the struggle of life as soon as he opened his eyes and his whole day was spent in shop work. He used to work not only in the shop but also in the shop owner’s house. Even Konosuke Matsushita’s hard work didn’t last long and within a year his boss fired him because the shop wasn’t making good profits.

Any opportunity that comes into a person’s life can prove to be golden for him. This was perfected by Konosuke Matsushita. While looking for a job, Matsushita landed at the Osaka Electric Light Company. Where did he think that the work he was doing just to make ends meet would change his life. This company gave him many opportunities to move forward. Konosuke Matsushita marries and starts his new family.

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Understanding his responsibilities, he started paying more attention to his work than before. At the age of 22, he became an electrical inspector. It was not that Konosuke Matsushita was running his life only by working, but he was also engaged in creating something new along with work. His thinking created a new electrical socket. He tried to use this socket by showing it to the owner, but he was disappointed. The owner of the company rejected his idea. He said that this idea will not work. The good thing was that even though Konosuke Matsushita’s idea was rejected, his courage and faith remained intact. He was sure that the electrical socket he had made would work.

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In 1917, Konosuke Matsushita quit his job at the Osaka Electric Light Company. Matsushita now wanted to start his own business, but for this, he had neither capital nor education in this field, only experience and complete faith in himself. These two things were enough for him. On this basis, he started a shop in the basement of the house.

Konosuke Matsushita Quit his job and started his own business

Initially, many friends said that his decision was not right and he would not be able to succeed, but his family stood by his decision. Matsushita began making samples of his product and tried to sell the sockets to wholesalers, but the problem was that no one was showing confidence in him and his product. Everyone rejected his sample.

Like every time, this time also Konosuke Matsushita did not get discouraged and kept trying. With the passage of time, seeing the technology of their products, they started getting some orders. Work started going on but not at that speed that we could walk home with its help. In no time, his financial condition became so bad that even those who worked with him left him. Konosuke Matsushita had to sell his household goods to make ends meet.

Even though the economic condition of the house was getting worse, Konosuke Matsushita’s faith was still not stopping. His acquaintances advised him to leave his stubbornness and get a job somewhere, but he did not agree. People may have thought that Matsushita had gone mad when they saw his decision, but he proved himself right by the strength of her faith.

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One day suddenly he got an order to produce a thousand pieces of his socket and this order changed his fortunes. After this success, he never had to look back. Soon the demand for the products made by him started increasing at the international level as well. Do you know what the name of the little company he started was?

Panasonic to new heights

Panasonic was the name of a small socket company started by him on 13 March 1918. Yes, the same Panasonic company in which thousands of people work today and whose turnover is in billions of dollars today. Konosuke Matsushita, who founded the Panasonic company 103 years ago, said goodbye to this world in 1989 at the age of 94. At the time Konosuke Matsushita passed away, his company had a revenue turnover of US$42 billion. Starting from the basement of the house, this Panasonic company does not need any introduction today. Konosuke Matsushita left the wealth to his descendants, while also teaching the world that it is your unwavering belief in yourself that makes you successful. If you can’t believe in yourself, the world will never be able to believe in you.

So, Friends, this is the story about Panasonic electronic company, I hope you like this article, Thanks for reading it.