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Today I am going to talk about Michael Dell, the founder of Dell Technology, the world’s famous computer company, who started brainstorming since childhood, when he started investing from the age of 10 and at the age of 12 His savings of $2000 peaked when by the age of 14 his income was more than that of his school teacher.
So friends, let’s know from the beginning about this interesting life story of Michael Dell.

Early Life of Michael Dell

Michael Dell was born on 23 February 1965 in Houston, USA. His father’s name was Alexander Dale, who was a dentist, and his mother’s name was Nie Langphan, who was a stockbroker.

Michael Dell did his early schooling at Hero Elementary School in Houston, and continued to learn investment and business skills from his mother. After that, from the age of about 10, he started investing his pocket money, even he was so obsessed with investment that he started selling sting tickets to earn more money.

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By the time he was only 12 years old, he had saved $2000. And yes mate, I am talking about 1977-78 because at that time $2000 used to be a lot for a kid. Gradually his money grew and then he started investing in shares and metals. Due to which he made a profit of $18,000 for the whole year. Which was more than the annual income of his history and economics teacher. From such a young age, he was shown to be a good investor. Later, computer progress was also increasing rapidly, and when Dell was about 15 years old, his parents brought him a computer. Michael Dell had a deep attachment to the computer and spent most of his time on the computer.

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After a while Michael’s mind started thinking “How does this work?”. Michael took apart all the parts of his computer. And started seeing how it is made? To figure it out, he bought another computer from another company, and then took it apart for parts.

Soon Michael Dell started understanding what parts a computer was made of. He later joined the University of Texas to study biology. Now you must be wondering why he took admission in biology, then friends tell that his parents wanted him to become a good doctor. But he was not interested in this study.

During his college, he collected various computer parts and started assembling them as per the requirement of the people. Now there was no need for people to buy expensive computers as they were able to assemble computers as per their requirement. And the assembled computer was much cheaper than the computer of any company.

This business of Dell also started running fast and then he left college and in January 1984 formed a company named PC’s Limited.
And then a few months later in May, he changed the name of his company to Dell Computer Corporation. Gradually the business grew as people liked Michael Dell’s way of working. And also used to provide very good services.

And when Michael Dell was only 27, he became the youngest CEO ever to enter a Fortune 500 company. From here, Dell never looked back and today his company is one of the largest technology infrastructure companies in the world. Presently Michael Dell is the 37th richest person in the world.

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If we talk about his personal life, he married Susan Lieberman on 28 October 1989. And he has four children with Susan.

Friends, in the end I would just like to say that Michael Dell was passionate about business and investment from the beginning and following his passion, he grew and became successful, even at the behest of his parents. but at the right time, he also decided to drop out of college.

And with this decision, he again provided that if you follow your passion, you will surely succeed. Thanks for reading this article.